Why is this called Real Game FX  Fulfillment Order Store on a different website from www.realgamefx.com? 
  • We use this store for order fulfillment for our newest products that are available for pre-order from our latest Kickstarter projects. This allows our KS backer to consolidate their order here and find the shipping cost. It also allows limited new products for non-kickstarter backers,
Why not use "Backerkit" or some other fulfillment service?
  • Last Kickstarter we used crowdfunding fulfillment services but they fell far short of our needs so we took control to better serve our customers. The new Pre-Order Store is owned and operated by RGFX and will serve as a place where all our backers and pre-order customers can come and place their rewards into a shopping cart and checkout. This places purchase orders and customer service all in one location. It's a win win for everyone.

      I am a Kickstarter or Indiegogo Backer, how do I collect my reward?

      • We have sent all backers a private email with a credit amount equal to their pledge. Simply add any of the products in this store to your cart. You will see a Discount code entry as you check out. Enter your code and your Kickstarter credit will be applied. Your shipping cost will be added as you check out.
      • IMPORTANT! You can only use your Backer discount code once so please be sure you have completed adding all of your items to the cart before checking out. 
      Can I add more items to my reward?
      Yes! You may add as many rewards as you want to your shopping cart including Add Ons. Your discount code will be deducted from any items you place in the cart.
      I don't remember what I pledged!
      • No worries, as above simply add any of the products in this store to your cart and use your discount code on checkout. Your pledge amount is already figured in. You can always go back to look at your reward via KS to be sure.