$249 Fog Monster 2 + (4) 4x4 Starter Kit

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Fog Monster 2 creates great vertical steam and smoke FX as well as rolling cold fog that creeps and crawls across your tabletop game terrain. 

Note this is a Pre-order for February 2021 Delivery.

Comes with everything you need: (1) Fog Monster 2 (1) 25mm Small Ground Level Pipe Pack. (4) 4x4 Primordial Terrain Tiles, (1) 8x8x Steam Pan. Clear plastic material. 


  • New Remote Control Operation
  • New Operating Modes: Continuous On or "Puffer Mode”
  • New Built in 40mm 3 speed fan
  • New Built in Fog Chamber LED lights in 9 colors
  • New Built in power circuit board
  • New Upgraded power supply - AC 100-220v
  • More Powerful fog dispersion for vertical fog effects.

(4) Pack of 4x4 Steam Tiles come as pictured. - 1) Port, 1) Pool, 1) Geyser, 1) Hornito - No substitutes. Individual 4x4 pieces are available here. 

Tile Features:

  • Material High resolution resin
  • Translucent clear material for glowing FX. 
  • Available in full color paint by our artists.
  • 12mm tall tile on the edges, fits in with typical modular terrain tiles from other manufacturers.

Pro Tip: Use with 2x4" Primordial Transition Pieces  (not included) for seamless integration with your existing terrain.

(1) 8x8x Steam Pan. Clear plastic material.

Add Light Pods for great lighting FX.