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Tip Jar for the Steam Pod Double Order Upgrade to 2.0

Hey thanks, everyone, every lit bit helps!

It just didn't feel right to ask folks to send back Steam Pod 1.0 for a replacement, or even to ask to pay for shipping costs. So what does that mean?

We are doubling your order! Yes you can keep what we sent you, and receive a new improved replacement for free! So if you ordered 1, now you will now have 2, or if you ordered 4, you will now have 8!

Of course it still costs a considerable amount to do this so if you find it in your heart to leave a tip for the effort be sure to know we appreciate it!

NOTE: only backers who currently are in possession of a Steam Pod as of May 29th 2020 will receive replacements. If we you have received tracking in march 2020 and you have not received them dont worry we already know who is getting a replacement so no need to write in :)