$1040 Two Headed Monster Pack - Painted

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Two Headed Monster Pack - Painted

Note this is a Pre-order for Dec 2020 Delivery.

Comes with:

(2) Fog Monster 2 - complete.
(8) Primordial 4x4 Terrain Tiles with 12 transition pieces. Your choice of Earth or Lava Paint.
(2) Primordial 8x8 Terrain tile with 12 transition pieces. Your choice of Earth or Lava Paint.
(4) Drip Pans.
(2) Small Ground Level Pack. (1) 25mm to 40mm transition cap, (1) 305x25mm pipe, (2) 25mm Elbows, (2) 50x25mm inner pipe connectors.
(2) T-Connector Pack (1) 25mm T-connector, (2) 305x25mm pipe, (2) elbows, (2) 50x25mm inner pipe connectors (this allows you to connect two 8x8 Steam areas to FM2).
(4) Rock Lights with (1 remote control and (2 LG Light pods
(4) LG Light Pods, (1) Remote control.
(2) Pipe Creatures.
(1) Tower of Power.

Fog Monster 2 Features:

  • New Remote Control Operation
  • New Operating Modes: Continuous On or "Puffer Mode”
  • New Built in 40mm 3 speed fan
  • New Built in Fog Chamber LED lights in 9 colors
  • New Built in power circuit board
  • New Upgraded power supply - AC 100-220v
  • More Powerful fog dispersion for vertical fog effects.

(4) Packs of 4x4 Steam Tiles come as pictured. - 1) Port, 1) Pool, 1) Geyser, 1) Hornito - No substitutes. Additional individual 4x4 pieces are available here. 

Steam Tile Features:

  • Translucent glowing FX in the lava and algae, via the Light pod in the 8x8 tile. 
  • Exquisitely  painted by our artists.
  • 12mm tall tile on the edges, fits in with typical modular terrain tiles from other manufacturers.

Paint options: Exclusive for our 2 Headed Monster Backers, your choice of all Lava, all Earth, or 1/2 & 1/2 paint schemes. 1/2 & 1/2 means one half of all the identical terrain pieces will come in Earth and one half in Lava. 

Need additional light Pods? Click here.